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 The Weekly Lampoonery: Lexicon of Laughs
This is your first stop in humor cyberspace. The original Weekly Lampoonery is here and so much more.

 Humor Space: Humor and Joke Archive
Formerly: Jokes for the Jolly Free Weekly Newsletter Site Info Fall into the fun: Game Chair Special Features Poking fun at the Leader of the Free World.

 Humor Inst
The Source of humor in the professional world! The Humor Institute was created to fulfill all of the humor and comedy needs of corporations and professional organizations.

 Humor Search - The Web's Humor Search Engine
Humor Search: The Source for humor on the net! Searches the Web for humor sites. Joke of day, Vault, Asinine Storylines and more!

 Humor Me

 Alabama Live Just For Laughs!
A 24 hour informative site just about Alabama for Alabamians all at your fingertips. Nowhere else can you find such detailed information on such a variety of topics.

 UWI's Web's Edge
READ: Stream-of-Consciousness (art/poetry web-zine) Dirt #2 (UWI periodical, with info on "the move") Superduper Mega Roadtrip Journals (and UWI-affiliated to boot!)

 SEV TREK: Star Trek humor, free cartoons, competitions, jokes, comic strips and more...
Star Trek comic strips, pictures, T-shirts and more! Sev Trek is a cartoon satire...

 Humor Ink. - Humor at Work and in the Office
Humor Ink. teaches businesses, corporations and organizations how to use humor as an effective management tool in the office, the boardroom and daily life.

 SOL Humor
- links to humor sites, plus original hilarious humor!

 Mefco's Random Joke Server: Jokes and Funny Stories
Over two million jokes served each month. - Connecting you to the best humor on the net. Huge joke database, weird news, comedians, comics, chat and more!
- jokes, weird news, comedians, comics, chat and more.

 Goofy Humor, Stupidity, and Free Stuff at Goofiness Dot Com
Jokes, humor, funny sh.., er, stuff. Email your Congressperson, Caption an Image, play games, get free stuff, take a personality...

 Humor - Home Page
Explore some of the Web's funniest spots! Join you Guide in finding the next laugh. By the way, your shoe's untied...
THE starting place for exploring Humor, from your Mining Co.

 Humor is the best medicine.
Good Clean Humor

 The Humour Ring Page
The Humour Ring Page Web -- What is The Humour Ring? The Humour Ring is a collection of sites dedicated to a similar theme - Humour.

 Lach van de Dag ( Humor
Lach van de Dag - De humor-site - Met elke dag moppen en bestanden om te lachen - En kans op mooie...

 Office humor, strange stories, one-liners and dirty jokes ...
Funni-e-mail the home of office humor, the one liner, strange stories, dirty jokes. And the free jokes are always the funny jokes

 Music Humor, Music Jokes, Musician Jokes, Stories, Instrument Jokes and More!

 Max's Humor Archive
- This is a completely categorized humor archive. Each file includes a short description rating the contents (e.g., clean, sexual, religious, etc.)

 Welcome to The Humor Potential - the home of Loretta LaRoche and The Humor Potential, Inc. Humor Your Stress for the best stress management.

 Humor Database
Humor Database Home Search Search HDB Interaction Enter New Humor

 Interactive Humor Database
- browse, search, and add into huge database of jokes, limericks, lists, and a whole lot more.

HumorGraphix: fun and effective business communications ...

 Humor of the Day
A new joke, quip and a quote each day. Plus other features, including archives of all humor and links to comics and other interesting and humorous... - The World's Greatest Humor List!
Top 25 Humor Sites Check out our new banners so you can link to Choose which style of list you like from our samples page! Keep your Intro file when you get it from majordomo

 Humor Categories

 Humor Textfiles

 Coming Soon.Humor Me, Inc. Online
Novelty Items for Golf, Bachelor Bachelorette Parties, and General Gags

 NewsJoke Inc. - Topical Humor and Topical Jokes from New York's Hottest Young stand-up...

 Theo's Place - offbeat comedy and humor for the discriminating wacko
Humor and comedy site. Risque, ribald and naughty, full of innuendo and double entendres. Humorous advice column, daily column on oddities of life. Humor web search engine. Naughty history of placenames, weekly horrorscopes for the love lorn, sexual meanings of everyday words.

Welcome To LaughWEB!

 Tina's Humor Archives
Index to many categories of jokes and articles.

 Oracle Service Humor Archives Home Page
The best jokes on the Net, including a mailing list that sends you a joke each...

 CyberCheeze: Jokes, Humor And Cartoons; The #1 Humor Source!
CyberCheeze is a free joke and humor archive, dedicated to providing the best jokes on the Internet. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest jokes and humor on the net!

 The Matrix Humor Archive
One of the largest archives of stories, lists and other miscellaneous humor available on the World Wide Web.

 Humor Central Archive
A online archive of humor, also host for a mailing list.

 The Fix Express: Internet's Best Quotes, Humor, Jokes, Trivia, Vocabulary and
Award-winning, lightning-fast site serves up a CLEAN, DELICIOUS and FRESH quote, humor, jokes, trivia, vocabulary and history for EVERY visit or reload....

 The Best Jokes and Humor around, FOR FREE!
We have the best collection of funny jokes, comedy, humor, puns, pickup lines, quotes, tasteless jokes, blonde jokes, polish jokes, redneck jokes, lawyer jokes and much more. Everything to make you laugh is here! We have searched all over to find this amazing collection.

 Oracle Service Humor Archives
Humor magazine, archive of jokes and stories, and a joke mailing list.

 Laugh-Lines! Index Page - Clean & Free Weekly Humor!
Clean & free weekly humor at our family-friendly site! No time to visit? We deliver! Send an email to...

 Jokes & Humor Web Sites

 Humor Search - Web's best humor sites.
Humor Search: The Source for humor on the net! Searches the Web for humor sites. Joke of day, Vault, Asinine Storylines and more!


 RaNdOm AcCeSs HuMoR 96 (RAH96!)
Humor Zine featuring satire, parodies, reviews, taglines, and massive quantities of political incorrectness. Cool MIDI background...

 Excite Entertainment: Humor
Click Here! Web Sites First 3 of 15 items Hecklers Online - Digital graffiti, limerickization, and Just Ask Owen are a few of the features at this site for hecklers.


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